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Systemic Stories for unparalleled success

Connection, Communication, Elevation

We train story champions to transform organizations and write stories of unparalleled success.

Cham·pi·on /ˈCHampēən/n: A person who has surpassed all rivals; to support a cause, defend.

To be a champion, you have to master your story

Train·er /ˈtrānər/n: works with an individual or small group teaching specialized skills to improve the individual, team, and organization.

Coach /kōCH/n: works with a team to fix or improve a particular problem.

We train leaders so they can create organizations and teams that don't need coaches or consultants.


"Stephanie's expertise in storytelling is off the chart! She helped us commit to and communicate a story that continues to inspire our students, staff, families, and community to unite, persevere, and Rise As One! Stephanie will unlock gifts in you as a leader you did not even know existed!"

Dr. Ken Russell / Superintendent / RSD

“The principal, Stephanie Elie Martin, is a gifted and visionary person whose group facilitation skills are exceptional. My own experience in this are is extensive as a longtime member of WSU Extension (25 years). I wish I could have worked with Stephanie during that whole time. I know true talent in this area, and she is the "real deal" for certain."

Nicholas Lovrich / Professor Emeritus / WSU

This isn’t some new age marketing ploy, it’s a research backed ethos that has the power to transform your life and your organization. 



Leadership is complex, but the key to efficacy lies in your story. Master story and transform your  organization.

Leadership Teams

Executive teams are usually filled with champions. Long-term success hinges on cultivating a cohesive story of collective success.


When changing roles or advancing careers, mastering your story is key to your success.