About Us

Every thought, every action is your story

Story Craft System was founded on a powerful, researched backed understanding that stories change lives, organizations, and communities. We are Story Champions committed to helping others understand the power of personal and organizational stories. Want a new beginning or a different ending? Be the Champion of your story.

Our Story

My story was lost. I was a tangled mess of stories everyone else wanted to write for me. I was a chameleon that never got a break. I was exhausted and desperate to find my own joy and purpose. I started reading memoirs and felt less adrift. And as any good nerd, also began researching the power of stories. I realized that narrative spanned every academic discipline: communication, psychology, neuroscience, medicine, leadership. I felt like I was coming home. At the same time I was wresting control of my story from those around me, I was seeing the power of story to change individual and collective lives. So, I dedicated myself to being a Story Champion: Champion over my own story and Champion to the world over the power of stories to change our lives and our world. 

Meet The Team


"Stephanie's expertise in storytelling is off the chart! She helped us commit to and communicate a story that continues to inspire our students, staff, families, and community to unite, persevere, and Rise As One! Stephanie will unlock gifts in you as a leader you did not even know existed!"

Dr. Ken Russell / Superintendent / RSD

“The principal, Stephanie Elie Martin, is a gifted and visionary person whose group facilitation skills are exceptional. My own experience in this are is extensive as a longtime member of WSU Extension (25 years). I wish I could have worked with Stephanie during that whole time. I know true talent in this area, and she is the "real deal" for certain."

Nicholas Lovrich / Professor Emeritus / WSU

Sample Clients

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