Training has been much maligned; however, intentional training and development is critical to an organization's long term success. We train on communication (giving and receiving feedback. remote engagement, intercultural communication, engaging with others, conflict management, DEI, group and team communication, etc), culture, teams, leadership, and DEI. A few hours can have a huge impact.

Giving & Receiving Feedback

This is one of the challenging, but necessary aspects of organizational life. We can learn to give and receive feedback without the hurt feelings and conflict.

Group and Teams Communication

Groups and teams are dynamic organisms. Whether you have a veteran group, or new hires helping them understand how to communicate will create smooth sailing.

Remote Engagement

The pandemic will eventually end, but remote work or remote engagement is likely here to stay. Learn how to maximize remote engagement.


Leadership teams are often highly driven, high performance individuals. Keeping your team up to date on innovations and research will help them succeed not just now but in the long term.

Intercultural Communication

Cultures are everywhere, most commonly in found in socioeconomic status. Yet, intercultural communication is over looked. We bring it local to help your team communicate better.


We use neuroscience and storytelling to help even the more reluctant teams to bridge the gap into inclusive thinking.