We create Champions

Storytelling is the core of what you do - shouldn't you do it well?



Organizations are story driven machines. Are you high performing or slightly off the rails? Fixing the story will get you back on track.

Culture Change

Change is tough, but it doesn't have to be. Your team needs a new story. Change only works if the story does. 


Are you stuck? Hitting the same wall over and over? Can you see the other side, but just can't get there? Fix your story and find the key.

Conflict Management

The best way to manage conflict? Through story.


Humans are storytelling creatures - it's how our brains work! Want to increase inclusivity and creativity? We use stories to create better teams.

Leadership Training

What and how we say matters. Master your story and realize efficacy . 

Story cartography are maps that guide our lives: both personal and organizational. Stories are how our brains construct meaning out of the millions of pieces of information that interact with our senses. Usually unconsciously, our story of the world takes the incoming information and fits it into our pre-defined narrative. It is from here that we act on this information. Story cartography is the intentional map making. It brings stories from the hidden recesses of your gray matter and into the light of day. Doing this enables you to intentionally guide your path and the information you encounter to your desired outcome. Trouble employees, lagging productivity, slumping profits, no joy? Story cartography creates the map and the story to lead you to better outcomes.


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